Year of reading from home: January and February

It's not going great. I've had a great start in December, but in January and February I've only picked-up 10 books from my own TBR-piles and I'm still reading three of them. (You can see all that I'm currently reading here.) And I've read 19 books this year already! Two of them were for work, … Continue reading Year of reading from home: January and February

A year of reading from home

I have 142 unread books at home and a feeling that those piles are not getting any smaller. I guess I'm right as last time I checked I had 121 unread books at home. I wasn't buying that much this year and I've read some from the piles, so how did this happen? I blame … Continue reading A year of reading from home

Difficult choices

I'm looking at my TBR-piles and I can't choose. I have and idea and then I think, nah, not this one and put the book back on. I know what I would choose from the library, but I have trouble deciding which book to read next from my TBR-pile (you can't see all books waiting … Continue reading Difficult choices